I got a DVB-T2 receiver and am testing it. Ok, I am testing it on TV, I scan and get very many channel but I only managed to watch UBC, lagos TV, Moziki, FireBird, Sporto, all the NTV, WBS, Bukede etc are scrambled. Do you have any idea why this is happening? Is it the equipments or DVB-T2 support issue? Can I use your script to get things right? Someone told me about digital Unscrambler firware upgrade, do you have knowledge about it?

It looks like you are picking the pay-TV channels and not the UCC Free-To-Air channels. The mux frequency for those unscrambled channels should be 474000kHz. MOZIKI, STV and the other channels you are seeing are on GoTV/Star network frequencies (674000 and 490000 KHz).

A couple of questions for you:

– What DVB-T2 receiver are using i.e. Model/Make? Can you manually set the multiplexes?

– What specific area are you tuning from?

– Are you using and indoor or outdoor Antenna?