DVB-T2 Tuners

The following is a list of known DVB-T2 tuners that currently work in Uganda.  If your equipment is not listed, please email infoATdigitaltvuganda.com.

Device Name Model No. Comments Submitted by
Flame Sat FS-820T2 Chinese brand Dennis Reagan Ochora
Android DVB Box T2 AML8726-MX Not confirmed Masembe Tonny
PCI-E DVB-T2 Quad TV Tuner  TBS6280 For PC (PCI-E) setups AEx Labs
 BlackGold BGT3620  BGT3620 For PC (PCI-E) setups AEx Labs
8902 MPEG4 DVB-T2 High-definition Digital TV Tuner  8902 Known to work Masembe Tony
High Definition Terrestrial
MPEG 4 DVB-T2 Known to work Kenny K.

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